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Not sure if we’re a good fit? No matter what type of event your putting on we are confident we can help you out. Contact us today and we’d love to chat about how we can help!

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Hiring our service for your wedding and event planning needs means you’ll spend less time worrying about minute details, and more time with those you love. On top of that, we strive to be as affordable and upfront as possible. It’s a Win Win!

Design & Decor

Not sure what look you’re going for, or simply don’t have time to make all the connections in order to implement correctly? Our certified event planners can make your dreams a reality and we’re totally flexible as well.
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Why Choose Us?

No matter what type of event you’re putting on, a wedding planner can add value, save time and create an overall better experience. Whether you’re not the organizational type, or simply do not want to take the time to make sure tons of moving parts are working together  we’re confident we can help you with your wedding and event planning needs.

Why You Need A Wedding Planner

Many people see the services of a certified wedding planner and assume these services are a luxury offering meant only for those with extra money and think they can organize their own special day themselves. While there might be a grain of truth to this, there are other value propositions an event planner can offer. For example, wedding planners usually have great connections with local suppliers such as tent or hall rental companies and can get your situation handled faster, and usually with a discount. Also, the time saved by not having to coordinate the logistics of all this along with family obligations can also make the entire service worth it in itself.

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Our Newest Partners

We are glad to announce we’ll be working alongside Capital Accounting Ottawa, a great bookkeeping and accounting service for small, medium sized businesses and even individual proprietorship.

Why You Should Hire A Qualified Bookkeeper

We’ve used their income tax and payroll tax preparation services ourselves and the peace of mind that comes from having a professional certified accountant on your side each month is second to none. The last thing we all need is more stress about keeping our business books in order and even worse – trouble from the CRA. A local bookkeeping service can act as an adviser on a monthly basis or provide ongoing support and help – either way, we see it as an essential service and investment to make in yourself, whether you are a new entrepreneur or individual.

When choosing and looking through the accounting firms in Ottawa online, keep in mind what you ultimately value in a bookkeeping partner. Are you looking to fully hand over your businesses books and have them dealt with entirely? Or perhaps you simply need some guidance on specific issues, in which case a few hours a month would suffice. There are different options that cater to different types of businesses and it’s best to interview various firms and decide who is best suited to meet your needs. Accessibility, experience in your niche and flexible pricing are some of the factors that often influence peoples decisions when choosing a suitable accounting or bookkeeping firm in Ottawa. If you are in the position where you have fallen behind with your business or personal tax returns check out Capital Accounting’s 2014 tax tips for small businesses

Online bookkeeping solutions are also growing in popularity and many people have been wondering how they compare to a traditional accountant – one you would sit down in front of and ask questions face to face. From our experience, they don’t necessarily  replace one another. Accounting apps like FreshBooks can help you organize your daily business incoming and outgoing payments they aren’t able to make recommendations based on scaling and expanding your business from a strict accounting perspective. Your local bookkeeper can do this and using Wave and Freshbooks in conjunction can really make life easier for both you and your accountant.

Why Should You Consider Offshore Investing?

Offshore investing is most often associated with the rich who are believed to have acquired their money illegally, it is seen as a means to invest and save money that would otherwise raise suspicion if it was invested in their local country.

Although it may seem that’s the case across the board of all offshore investing accounts, it’s far from the truth. At this point you may ask who exactly should consider offshore investing. Well, anyone with a substantial net worth can actually do offshore investing.

Offshore investing requires you to have an offshore investing company that will act on your behalf and manage your investments.

You get to pick the offshore investing company of your choice and in a convenient way since most of them are available online thereby physical meeting may not be necessary hence it saves you time. If you have already made up your mind, here are some the steps needed to setup and operate an offshore investment account although it may vary from one offshore company to the other.

But check out this video to understand the basics of finance and investing first:

Steps to Setup An Offshore Investing Account

1. Register online for an offshore investment account and an online web profile of the company of your choice.

2. Provide your FICA details and deposit money into your account, your offshore investing company will open for you an offshore investment account after a specified period of time after receipt of your FICA details.

3. You can now log into your account using the username and password used when registering for your online web profile.

4. From the new order screen, you can purchase offshore investments and your investment company’s website will execute your orders to international markets.

Cost of Operating an Offshore Investing Account

1. A brokerage fee that varies from one offshore company to the other.

2. Minimum offshore requirement deposit that varies from one offshore investing company to the other.

Benefits Of Offshore Investing

1. Confidentiality- One does not need to worry about their offshore investment company giving out information to unauthorised parties. Offshore investing companies have confidentiality policies they have to uphold otherwise they may breach the contracts they have with their clients. However identity disclosures will be breached if it is indeed proven that the account holder has been involved in illegal businesses like drug trafficking and money laundering.

2. Tax Reduction- Many countries offer tax incentives to foreign investors making it a good investment choice. You might be taxed more in your home country but with offshore investing, you are able to get tax incentives.

3. Asset Protection- Offshore investments offer you a sense of security if you have pending lawsuits that you are unsure of the outcome. It is also a safe haven for people with huge debt that they can’t settle. Some offshore companies offer asset management services.

In the event your properties are being auctioned to settle you debts you need to worry less because your offshore accounts will always remain untouched. Check out yahoo for information on the market performance.

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